Is juaquin phoenix dating

nid:1469102Bradley Cooper isn't the only Hollywood actor who prefers much younger women.

Joaquin Phoenix, 39, is dating Allie Teilz, who is just 19.

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FROM PEN: How Tom Ford Found ‘Love at First Sight’—and Makes His 30-Year Relationship Last Phoenix looked shocked as his name was called as the best actor winner, with Mara sweetly urging him to head to the stage to pick up the award as they warmly embraced.TYLER: I remember throwing my retainer into a garbage can one time and my mom yelling, “Get your ass over here now! We brought it home and boiled it so I could put it back in, but it became mutilated. SISCHY: Of course, the paradox is how bad modeling actually makes a lot of people feel about themselves.” And I had to dig through the garbage and find my retainer. TYLER: I was always a little bit chubbier than everyone else. I hadn’t seen many movies, or so-called, good movies. When I got more curious about the movies, I thought they were something you had to learn about and go to school for and read every book. The 39-year-old actor — who was most famously linked to Liv Tyler in the 1990s — is dating DJ Allie Teilz, 20, a source confirms to Us Weekly.The two were spotted out and about on Saturday, Nov.

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