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Gunfire has wounded 18 people downtown this year, compared with 11 for the same period last year.

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The more heavily residential Downtown East has little violent crime, but it has seen a disturbing rise in larcenies — the nonviolent theft of personal property.But an order issued by then-Hennepin County Chief Judge Peter Cahill in early 2016 quashed that, allowing only ticketing for public drinking.“Now you see someone with a bottle at 4th and Hennepin and you write a ticket,” Sullivan said.“A half-hour later, they’re at 5th and Hennepin, then 6th and Hennepin. the town of Gilbert — has been widely interpreted as a prohibition on panhandling laws thought to restrict free speech.Before, we could interrupt the cycle, get them off the streets and maybe even get them some help.” Hennepin County is the only jurisdiction in the state operating under such an order. The high court did not make a specific ruling on that issue, but the Columbia Law Review recently noted that “there is a real danger that virtually all panhandling laws will be invalidated, even though some serve to protect pedestrians and others.” Because of the court’s decision, Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal said the city’s panhandling laws are no longer enforced.

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