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Fenris, meanwhile, is waiting to act on the feelings he has for her. She had imagined their reunion a thousand times, and still she knew not what, exactly, to say.

She settled for honesty, and braced herself for his anger.

After a decade in The Spire, Sparrow reemerges a changed woman only to find that Albion has also changed.

Coping with the void her choices have created within her, she tries to regain part of who she once was while continuing to fulfill her ultimate goal: defeating Lucien.

When the Pirate King attacks her home, she defends her people and takes him prisoner.Fenris/OCOne-shot of the Month: February 2017; Prompt: "No one said that you're crazy. But when he meets a beautiful girl, he seems intent on being with her everyday. What happens when he gets too attatched to something that isn't real?We're all just…planning on whispering it to each other later." In which Kairi tries to tell Sora her feelings, only to receive a surprise of her own. Satinalia is lurking around the corner but Hawke is not in the mood, to put it mildly. Varric does his best to brighten her up but fails gloriously. - A semi-canonical story of friendship, bickering, bad puns, fighting, eavesdropping, sexual tension, Satinalia, Wintersend, and anything and everything that comes together into just simply Hawke's Kirkwall, back in its glory days. Fenris' POV, Same universe as 'Choice of the Champion' and 'Hawk and Wolf', filling in the gaps. Ten years have gone by, and Sparrow has brought Bloodstone into prosperity. "This girl was strange, but there was something about her. Prompts are welcome through reviews or private messages.Perhaps it started out that way, but somewhere down the line that infatuation transformed into a genuine love for him..toxic as she now knew that love was." A Misa-centric, introspective one-shot. Minor appearances by Varric, Aveline, Donnic, and Alistair. Fenris has always believed that he was nothing more than a living weapon.Hawke is busy picking up the pieces after everything went so wrong in Kirkwall and with Anders. Hawke's philosophy has always been "less weapon, more living." Set between and may sometimes expand on the events of Dragon Age II."Fenris…" His eyes burned into her.

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