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An unpredictable smart-ass, the character of Trent has some of the best lines, and though he can go too far at times, Vaughn and the filmmakers know exactly when to ground him, by displaying a deeper, emotional man that truly cares about his friends.Going along with the emphasis on character, dialogue is really king here, and Favreau's screenplay is packed with witty observations on Hollywood culture and the minutia of single life.While the supporting cast is all strong, with a commendable turn by the always reliable Ron Livingston, Vaughn really steals the show.Though I've grown to find the actor's shtick tiresome in recent years, here he exudes a fresh, unfiltered energy that plays perfectly against the more reserved Mike.While Farvreau and Vaughn might now be "all growns up," 'Swingers' still remains some of their best work.The Blu-ray: Vital Disc Stats 'Swingers' is brought to Blu-ray by Lionsgate on a single BD-25 disc housed in a standard case.This one, simple scene, basically sums up everything there is to say about the character's pathetic, jumbled state of mind, in an economically and artistically potent manner.

Most scenes simply feature the gang hanging out together, playing video game hockey, and trying to pick up women at clubs and parties.

The juxtaposition of all the various, diverse personalities offers numerous potential strategies and paths through the confusing and difficult world of dating, but as the perfectly realized coda so effortlessly sums up, the take home message is to just be oneself.

Simple, loosely constructed, heartfelt, very funny, and endlessly re-watchable, this is an indie classic that stands the test of time.

The slang the characters use might annoy some, but it all just adds to the authentic and almost tongue in cheek tone of the material.

This is a portrait of a certain culture, in a specific place, during a particular time, that stays true to all of the little details and idiosyncrasies that make it all so rich and unique.

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