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They also had TV shows including Miami 7 and Viva S Club. Adam Thomas, 38, was formerly engaged to Hannah Spearritt and they dated from 2013-2015.In 2016, the fitness trainer was accused of assaulting Hannah and sending her threatening messages."Then I started sleeping more and more – eventually 22 hours a day.I couldn’t move from bed because my muscles were aching.

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After Hannah split from Adam Thomas in 2015 she rekindled her romance with Paul but they only stayed together for three and a half months.

Kandice has managed to land on her feet and come into money with her marriage, and Karen brought her on to the screen in a last minute effort to save her from the bailiffs.

While she initially fought it, she eventually gave in and helped her sibling out.

They released a new single in December, titled Family. Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee and Paul Cattermole have not signalled any desire to reform and play a part in the next S Club 7 chapter.

The trio have now rebranded to be called SC3 in a bid to avoid issues with their ex bandmates.

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