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If you miss Travis's intros too much, this mod restores them by playing around with the files more.

If you used MWTCF before version 3.0 and never had the audio-levels bug, you should be able to use both this mod and Elvani's without any problems. This is a second mod by me, Old Man Mose, that replaces all the normal songs with Christmas songs.

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It's a bug dating to Skyrim, actually, and is likely caused by the engine trying to send sound over channels that your speakers don't support.

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"77) Blue Barron and His Orchestra, "Are You Lonesome Tonight? Medley"95) Dinah Shore & Johnny Mercer, "I'm Old Fashioned"96) Billie Holiday, "Back in Your Own Backyard"97) Nat King Cole, "Night Lights"98) Betty Hutton, "I'm Nobody's Baby"99) Louis Jordan, "A Man's Best Friend is a Bed"100) The Ink Spots, "Who Do You Know in Heaven?

Sometimes it forgets to clean up the old files, which would result in duplicated songs and tracks.---------- Uninstallation Instructions ---------Just disable the mod in NMM, or delete the files from your Data directory (from both locations).---------- Troubleshooting ---------Many users have reported an audio mismatch between the original songs and the new ones.

This is likely due to problems with the way Fallout 4 itself handles sound.

Merged the ' Nuclear Option' files into the main mod, silencing Travis' intros and outros.v3.1Added JRaven's file directly to the mod (with permission -- Thanks Jvarnes!

)--------- Special Thanks ---------[email protected] - Your splicing prowess is unmatched.[email protected] - Thanks for making the Extra Tracks mod.

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