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At the corners of the surrounding are glazed urns containing clipped box bushes, and behind these are woven wooden seats, each sheltered by quince trees trained into hood-shaped arbours.

This green cloister, as any stone-built cloister, has a powerful symbolic meaning and is dedicated to praying and meditating.

The Orchard This Orchard/Cemetery where three old pear trees still stand, is situated to the north of the Cloister.

The Neo-Kantians contrasted facticity with ideality, as does Jürgen Habermas in Between Facts and Norms (Faktizität und Geltung).

German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) discusses "facticity" as the "thrownness" (Geworfenheit) of individual existence, which is to say we are "thrown into the world." By this, he is not only referring to a brute fact, or the factuality of a concrete historical situation, e.g., "born in the '80s." Facticity is something that already informs and has been taken up in existence, even if it is unnoticed or left unattended.

This one is made up of two large square beds with the corners cut out.

During summertime, the one is full of wheat and the other of chards.

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