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Evenings, we have settled in to binge-watching the series “Billions”. Not only does our campsite have the most privacy, but we are next to the WIFI box, and our signal is quite good. 0We are now proud groundskeepers for our campground. Jean is now besties with the campground owner/operators, Rob and Rick. While I was busy, Jean went to Imperial Oil with Chris and checked in with his former colleagues.

We spent much of Monday mowing and edging grass that had taken over some areas. It hadn’t been maintained and needed a new air filter. Rob took him to a local “show and shine” car meeting Wed. Our god-daughter Kelsey had baby boy, Layne , April 23, the same day the Royals, Kate and William had their third baby. (Layne that is) 1We are settling into our camp ground. He has been offered the riding mower to use on the rest of the property along with an edger. 0We finished up our week staying at Chris and Jim’s home in Calgary. We continued to eat to much great food and exercise to little.

He had quite a strong accent (he is from Holland), so I missed some of what he was “selling”. We have been to visit our building site a couple of times. We decided leaving a blanket on wile the nights are still a bit cool might be a good thing. We left Calgary late in the day, Monday, despite our plans to leave early. We had dinners with friends, got in a few walks to balance off he great food and check out exterior house colors for our new home.

The other often didn’t get the chance to say much.) One afternoon, another grandson, joined in the fun as well. We are finding different ways to navigate the city, and find ourselves lost, even with our GPS! Not difficult, but as it rained most of the day, (and please know we are most grateful it is rain and not snow) Jean was wet covered in mud. The weather advisory for the area originally said 9 p.m. We had rain the entire trip, with about half the time mixed with sleet and snow, especially at higher elevations. Once in Missoula, there were no signs of snow, only a mist of rain. We went to sleep with the windows open and no space heater on.

Cheryl and Mike didn’t miss a beat, even when 2 colonoscopies interrupted the week (TMI if I share anything further on that). We are amazed that a city of approximately 100,000 has such dense traffic. We also only have 30 amps, so have to turn the heat pumps off and anything else that uses much power, if we want to use anything like the toaster, microwave or hairdryer. We have a wonderful view of the neighboring mountains (big hills? I drove the first 3.5 hours of the trip, although should have let Jean drive, as he was on the edge of passenger seat, driving with me….”you know these are summer tires, watch out, the retarder break can seize up in this weather, can’t go to fast, don’t use the cruise control, try your breaks…” and other helpful comments. We remedied that quickly, and with the time change yesterday, found ourselves up early.

The very gracious Mike and Cheryl have very busy lives. They have a wonderful morning routine (that we tried to stay out of). They have a visitor centre which has a 45-minute movie on the construction of the dam, which started in 1934. We wanted to take the tour, but it was full (only takes 7 people at a time. ), so we opted to walk and drive around to see the dam from various angles. We found some “cheap” diesel at a station not far away. Now I don’t want to brag, but I think the pit crews at the Indy 500 would be impressed with how quickly we can hook and unhook the car. Nothing like 18 wheelers passing by going 70 mph to motivate one to move! Overnight, we turned the generator and furnace off, and pulled out our big blanket for the night.

In addition to the two of us “moving in” for a week, they have their daughter and 2 grand-daughters living with them. After-school, we enjoyed hearing from their granddaughters, ages 6 and 8, who were full of stories about their day (well at least one of them was full of stories. We drove to Home Depot and bought some wood, filled the holes made by our levelers with some gravel and built up the wood platforms they sit on. After supper, we watched a documentary on John Mc Afee, from cyber anti-virus fame. He is accused of a murder, and actually ran for president in 2016. We drove on to Grande Coulee, Washington where we will park for 2 days and recover from the last few days and weeks. 0After checking the weather throughout the evening and first thing in the morning, we knew the front was moving in faster than originally thought. We hit the road by and headed west, hoping to drive through it while it was still more rain than snow. 1Despite the temperature being 38F/4C degrees this morning, we were colder than yesterday.

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