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The more payments you make, the higher your Echo Bonus.Your Echo Bonus is always a percentage of your fund value.Your savings provide you with an income in your retirement years When you retire, you may take up to one third of your accumulated savings in a cash lump sum.

To receive retirement annuity benefits, you must be a member of a Retirement Annuity Fund.

Initially, I attributed my tiredness to my busy life as a wife and mother with a full-time job outside the home.

Some of my other symptoms were weight loss, night sweats, and a persistent feeling that something was always stuck in my throat.

According to current tax legislation, and depending on your tax situation, retirement annuities have the following tax advantages: You can deduct your contributions to a retirement annuity from your taxable income, up to a specified limit.

This means that you pay less tax when you contribute to a retirement annuity.

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