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They had seen, not only the rights of free speeoh, but the sanctity even of private oorrespondenoe, violated hf the seimre of dispatches in theur own tslegiaph oflioes. At first, the firing of the enemy was at random; but by half-past 1% P. They had seen the writ of kabea$ corpus denied, not only by the minions of Abraham Lincoln in Maiyland, but by the oommanding officers of Ports Hamilton and Lafayette. Appearing in heavy force in front of the positkm of General Bonham's brigade, which held the approaches to Ifitchell's Ford, the enemy^ about meridian* opened fire with several SQ-poonder rifle gnns from a hill over one and a*half miles from Bull Run.Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. i KDUr«d •eoording to Ad of Coogrwi, Bt KILPATRICK ft PRICB, Id tb« Dirtriei of Keotueky, in tbo Ymr IMS. ^ It IB Bcaicely neoessaiy to state that the following ptges have been written without any thing like literary ambition. He, however, approved the plans of General Beauregard, and gsnerunsly dlrectad their execution under his command.You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/ / // - / f I SOUTHERN HISTORY OPTHl GREAT CIVIL WAR INTHl UNITED STATES. So Urod aooofdiaf to Aot of (h« Pro Tioei Al Ltg UUiturt of Gu Mida, lo th» Tew 18ft9, Bt p. RANDALL, In th« OAoe of Ibo Regtelrir of tho Ptotiimo of CMAda. They have been curoposed by the author after careful and cai did ^ investigation of such material as might be within his reach. It was determined that the two forces shoold be imited within the lines of Boll Rnn^ and then advance to the attack of the enemy, before Patterson's junction with Mc Dowell, which was daily expected. In consequence of the an* towsrd detention on the railroad of some five thousand of Gen. In the meantime, the enemy was advancing in strong col* imms of infantry, with artilleiy and eavalry, on Blackburn's Ford, which was covered by Geneml Longstreet's brigade* The Confederate pickets fell back, silently, across the foid before the advancing foe. The entire southern bank of the stream, for the whole front of Longslreet's brigade, was cov« ered at the water's edge by an extended line of skirmishers* Taking advantage of the steep slopes on the northern bank of the stream, the enemy approached under shelter, in heavy force, within less than one hundred yards of oor skirmishers* Before advancing his infantry, the enemy maintained a fire of rifle artillery for half an hour; then be piuhed forward a odumn of over three thousand infantry to the assault, with such a weight of numbers as to be repelled with diflh^ulty by the comparitively small force of not more than twelve hundvad bayonets, with which Brigadier43eneial Longstieet met hioa 1 *i Ti AB or ram wab. The repalte of thfoelnurgeofthe enemy was, an exbibitioo of the devoted ooinage of oor troopt, the moat brilliant incident of the day» Not one yard of entrenehment or one rifle pit protected the men at Bladcbnrn's Ford, who, with rare exceptions, weie, on that day, the first time under fire, and who, tailing and main* taining every position ordered, exceeded tn oool, self-possessed and determined oonrage the best trained veterans. The unexpected display of skill and accuracy in oar artillery held the advancing column of the enemy in cheeky while Kemper^s pieces and support were withdmwn aoross Mitchell's Ford, to a point previously designated, and whiob commanded the direct approaches to the ford.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. From the position of our pieces and the nature of the ground, their aim could only be directed by the smoke of the enemy's artillery ; how skilfully and with what execution this was done can only be realized by an eye-witness. While these were gratified, the Northern people were willing to surrender their liberties to their panderera at Washington. On the morning of Ifaa ntk of July, odr troope rested on Bull Ron, from Uaictt 104 TBB WOLBt TK4S OF THW WAB. than all other oiroomstanoes and oonseqnenoes of the war oom- Mned, in loss of trade, prostration of oomroerce, and poverty and hnnger of the people. The love of oonstitntional liberty was degraded to po- litical hatreds. Antieipatiag die determiaatioa of the enemy to advance on Manassas, Qeneral Beaaregaid had withdrawn his advanced brigades within the lines of Bull Run.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. No theaive of batde ooohi ham been move roaonifioent in ile addnrss to ihe eye.Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. The ptains» Ipokeii bf a wooded aod iniaicate coiinlry, were bounded nt fiwr ns the eye cenld reach to the west by the aaana combs i$( the Bins Ridgie.

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