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Because so many employers try to avoid the process, approximately 80% of jobs never get listed at all.These unlisted jobs make up “Canada’s hidden job market” and are most commonly accessed by potential employees through personal contacts and/or networking.

However, for those of us who have exhausted our personal contacts and networks or for those who are looking for immediate employment, advertised jobs are another option to securing employment.

Pros: Does not contain Cons: Price So, I know what your biggest concern is: the price. But Monat is more concentrated due to the natural ingredients, which will cause them last longer; therefore, it’s reasonable.

But, if you really can’t swing spending this amount of money on haircare, I do want to say there are natural options out there that are under .

From the official 2013-14 “Step 1 Content Description and General Information” booklet (archived here), I’ve listed the correct answer for each question with a brief explanation ± take home points.

I can’t reproduce the questions themselves of course as they’re copyrighted.

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