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Roland will be going over to Japan next month sometime and hopes to bring back more frames. Most of the keirin frames are like 48 through 54 mm .... alocale=0jp (Japanese only) 4to people concerned with KEIRIN If you want new KEIRIN parts, you had better go to net-shop.

and Roland was saying he 54's are even harder to find. (thanks go to Tamaru Kiwamu) I asked a dude in tokyo the same question, here's what he had to say: There are a couple of ways of getting a used KIRIN frame in Japan 1.fleamarket at KEIRIN stadium or somewhere(SEKIDOBASHI fleamarket is most famous.twice a year) 2.on-line used KEIRIN frame shop (Japanese only) Japan auction

(thanks go to Tamaru Kiwamu)potus - Thanks for the info. Ceya - My travel dates are not set yet, but it's pretty flexible.

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I would never ride something like that on the street.

BC True Coilover Swift Upgrade or Stance Super Sport? Cost for for BC is 00 and stance around 20(PM if you know anywhere to get it cheaper! I hear stance has better valves, but I do not want to slam my car.

lol) I'm looking to be around 25" fender height and semi-stance my car, some negative camber and aggressive wheels. I want around a 1"-2" drop but am afraid stances will go too low.

hangthedj85 - Since I have no experience buying a used Keirin bike and bring it to US, I am hesitant to hook you up with one. I hope to find a killer deal like Nagasawa frame for 0. as for the track ends width, they have 2 standards, normal 120mm, and 110,112mm.

If things go well on this trip, maybe I'll help you out next time. I've seen nagasawa pursuit track that went for about 0 on yahoo auction a couple of years ago. It's really hard to find good quality 110mm track hubs anywhere but Japan, so be careful. my japanese frame the rear axle slot was narrow and the d/a hub it came w/ had flatted axles to fit- i had to file the axle on a new hub to fit in.

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