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According to marriage therapist Allyson P., a person needs to consider not only the of them.

For example, if you are emailing a "friend" 15 times a day, that's a tad extreme, even if the content is about Sponge Bob Square Pants. "He is just a friend," is a statement that you don't say to yourself when you're involved in innocent communication. Let's say your wife is constantly knocking you down, nagging at you, telling you to lose 20 pounds because she didn't intend to marry a beached whale.

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Many people in cyber relationships convince themselves that they aren’t doing something wrong, especially if they limit their encounters to the web.

In many cases, these interactions will eventually move past the messaging.

Sometimes people in online relationships engage in cyber sex via video chats.

Other times they meet face-to-face and begin a physical affair.

But often, they’ll avoid meeting in person because a strictly web-based relationship allows them to maintain their fantasies and experience the rush of doing something they know they shouldn’t, without the risks (catching an STDs getting caught in the act, or being let down when you meet the other person face-to-face).

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