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I'm from the Philippines and people are quite judgmental when it comes to weird stuff..i dont consider this fetish as weird..it's being unique...i hope we could talk and share experiences.really glad im not alone i totally understand what you have , but i think its a very normal thing and i wouldn't have a problem to talk about it, its really normal to have feeling when looking to a Woman's mouth , advertisement & Marketing campaigns made sure of it , as they focus on the men's desire to look at girls mouths .however i also have a peek to women's mouths while they are not looking as its not considered polite to stare at someones mouth for no reason .

i read recently that individuals who experienced finger sucking during their childhood , and who are usually does squeaking sounds with their teeth have a very high chance to have Mouth Fetish .i always look to ASMR videos on You Tube and they are the most incredible thing , just search " ASMR close up" on You Tube and you will love me for it , you will be surprised from the amount of views and like these videos have , and you will be sure and relieved that we are not the only ones out there good luck buddy Hi there. My heart started racing reading that because it honestly felt like I had wrote it.

There was a I time which I couldn't stand more this.

My fetish was torturing me and was filling me with shame and guilt.

Please be aware of this before entering this forum.

This forum is intended to be a place where people can support each other in finding healing and healthy ways of functioning.

I also started to focus on the mouth of the girls when they laughed hard enough to open their mouths and give the view of their inside, when they yawned and even when they screamed.

With any mouth really, although im a girl and I prefer male mouths.

But Jesus, I thought I would never hear of any one else admitting to what I have. Nowadays I have a detailed knowledge of operations, mouth anatomy, oral fantasies ...

I have never gone as far as asking people to open their mouth for me, because I would feel ashamed, but I look at videos and it's my only way I can, you know. About as far as I have got with my boyfriend is when I can sqeeze his throat and feel it, or that one time I had my face pressed against it and felt him swallow. My fetish was consolidated early on when several local kids, including me, would play at being doctors.

(Once, my highschool crush asked me to look deep down her throat looking for something unusual because she felt like a pimple at the throat, I can't lie, that moment was magical, it's like if your dream babe asked to look at her naked to see what you think about it.)Well, that's all for now. I study psychology nowadays, I know the techniques and appropriated therapies for sexual handling sexual behavior, I've tried everything and since the last time I attempted to change things about my fetish, I decided to accept it, I really enjoy it, it doesn't harms anyone and I feel comfortable with it.

I wanted to share my experience with the purpose of looking for someone to chat about experiences of the same fetish, someone who understand my feeling without thinking I'm a sick guy or a freak. The only upside is that I can't share it easily with known people, it causes me shame, that's something I must work with, but I feel right with it. Hoping to have replies I would be pleased to read any other fetish experience if you feel the need to express it just as I'm doing. A lot of people out there share the same fetish like us!

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