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To submit comments or errata regarding any of this material, please send email to [email protected] This chapter introduces the fundamentals of CVS, and then provides an in-depth guided tour of everyday CVS usage.

The library then incorporates these changes into a "master" copy, where they are recorded for all time.

The remainder of that book - chapters 1, 3, 5, and 7 - deals with the challenges and philosophical issues of running an Open Source project using CVS. These chapters are released under the GNU General Public License.

While the free chapters here constitute a complete CVS book by themselves, we certainly hope you'll like them enough to purchase a treeware copy of the entire book! For more information about free software in general, visit and particularly

Because these are all separate copies, there is no interference - it is as though all of the developers have their own copy of the same library book, and they're all at work scribbling comments in the margins or rewriting certain pages independently.

Developer A finishes her changes and commits them into CVS along with a "log message", which is a comment explaining the nature and purpose of the changes.

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