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That is especially handy if financial independence is on your ‘to do’ list.

Don’t misunderstand me – Mc Clung isn’t claiming his method is fail-safe.

Mc Clung’s mindset is world-first, not America-first, which makes his work directly applicable to UK investors in a way that most retirement research isn’t.

The strategy can also be calibrated for shorter and longer retirements.

Even US investors may not enjoy such sunny days again. Mc Clung guards against this by testing his contestants against the UK and Japanese datasets. No retirement strategy trumps all others, everywhere, every time.

Optimisers are missing the point – you might as well try to optimise a baby.

The 4% rule is prone to failure, numerous caveats that don’t fit into 140-characters or fewer (or even 280), and it’s barely applicable outside the US.

Is the famous 4% rule really safe or is there a better way?Inflation and even the blessing of a long life can put us on prison rations in our twilight years.The situation is worsened because traditional retirement rules-of-thumb like the ‘4% rule’ are about as reliable as ‘red sky at night’.Standard practice is to pit your proposals against the historical performance of US equities and bonds and leave it at that.The danger is that a system that worked well when US assets outgrew those of most other nations may not look so clever when planted in poorer home soils.

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