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With the recent vote against gay marriage in North Carolina and President Obama’s support of marriage equality, same-sex relationships are making headlines.

But my colleagues and I have less political concerns: We’re focused on helping our gay, lesbian, and bisexual clients navigate their way through many of same relationship hurdles that heterosexual clients face.

” Nagoski pointed me to a 12-year study of same-sex couples by eminent marriage therapist Dr.

John Gottman, which concluded that all couple types - straight or gay - have many of the same issues and the same paths to staying happy together.

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“The underlying dynamics are identical,” says Emily Nagoski, sex educator and author of "A Scientific Guide to Successful Relationships." “They may play out differently because of the differences in gender or because of external social pressures, but the rules are the same – and there's some clear indications that gay couples are actually better at following those rules than straight couples!

But Gottman’s research also indicated that gay/lesbian couples are more upbeat in the face of conflict and, compared to straight couples, use more affection and humor when they bring up a disagreement.

"When it comes to emotions, we think these couples may operate with very different principles than straight couples,” says Gottman.

Nowadays people most prefer flirting online because they are too busy to go on dates and going out with people who are not likely to match them.

Sometimes we don’t even pay any attention to the person who lives next door and stay lonely even though we are surrounded by plenty of people.

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