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These records show the names, ages, and other information of each individual within a household, and since enumerators often traveled up and down a street collecting information, you can compare who was living in your house with others in the neighborhood. A valid Discovery Place library card will be necessary for accessing the database away from the library.

Finding old pictures is always difficult because taking pictures of houses has never been a required government service.

Property may be searched by parcel ID, current owner’s name, or street address.

The summary information includes a space for "Year Built." Dates prior to 1920 are often guesses and are often wrong.

This annual directory lists residents of the city, the address at which they lived, and often the occupation at which they worked. Grant Avenue, houses city directories back to 1841. Beginning in 1911, the directory included a section listing houses by street address.

It is important to remember that this directory only lists the occupant of the property, not necessarily the owner of the property.

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There are clues within the records though, that may hint at construction and development.Be sure to make use of the most important resource of all: staff who are familiar with the resources, can explain their use, and can suggest the best method for using them.Franklin County Auditor Records A good source with which to begin your research is the website for the Franklin County Auditor.There are many sources to consult and many avenues of research to attempt, although each one may not produce useful information for each house.Many variables come into play including the age and location of the house.

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