Dating vintage clothing union labels

Here is the label of a 1970s netted St Michael’s top I have.

It reeked so much, I popped it straight into the washer. Before the 80s, the zips of dresses were sown in an obvious manner. Hidden zips are a 21st century invention, so if you see one in a vintage shop, avoid it because it is not vintage at all.

Reproduction outfits we believe are tagged Barbie ® Reproduction © BY MATTEL.

However a Gay Parisienne reproduction outfit has the label in the white faux fur stole and it is the Barbie ® © BY MATTEL label.

Julia had four outfits, Stacey at least one, and PJ about two.

The same was true for Francie sized 11 1/4" dolls, her friend Twiggy had four outfits labeled for her and Casey just one.

So when trying to identify an outfit look one year after the date on the tag.

Also, outfits had only one label or tag but often several clothing pieces.

Other than the swimsuits they were clothed in, only a handful of outfits were designed and labeled for the friends.So I ramble about my amazing vintage finds and the rock bottom prices I get them for, but how do I even know they really are vintage. Now, after each piece I collect, I know for a fact if an item is vintage or not. No seriously, I mean it, give it a good strong sniff.At first, I used to ask my boyfriend’s mother and grandmother, both fashionistas from back in their days, the 1940s and the 1970s, respectively, and they still have their clothes from back then because they can never part with their clothes which made them the fashionable girls they were in school in Rotherham. Here is a little guide for you to be able to tell what is vintage and what is probably a reproduction. The smell really is what will give away if a piece of clothing is vintage or not.Metal snaps in clothing may carry the mark of * 5 0 0 or K 5 I 0 (there may be other markings too, but this is what we found on 10 garments from this era).In 1972 Mattel introduced color coded packaging, they also stopped labeling or tagging the clothing and no longer used title names for the outfits.

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