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Indeed, Norén’s Asperger syndrome — which remains an unmentioned cause of fascination throughout — is what truly separates The Bridge from, say, Scandi noir predecessor The Killing.

The character’s direct personality infuses the series with an originality thanks to the sensitively handled writing by series creator Hans Rosenfeldt (the man behind ITV’s Marcella).

Upon reflection, each hugely binge-worthy series of The Bridge is a carefully assembled puzzle, every piece handed to the audience in endlessly thrilling ways. Placing Norén behind bars for the final series is an interesting, if hugely brave move, stripping her of the authority she’s maintained across three series.

After 30 stellar episodes, however, it’s impossible to doubt the capabilities of the creative team behind one of the most entertaining crime shows of the past decade.

The Sundance Film Festival is a proving ground, a place where films like first made their mark. For all intents and purposes, for us writers, filmmakers and stars, it’s very much about seeing what’s to come—the future. Ira Sachs’ chronicles the emotionally and sexually charged journey through the love, addiction, and friendship of two men.

We have a lot of exciting coverage planned, but in lieu of spoiling everything, we’re starting a day early to direct your attention to a fantastic gem in this year’s U. Documentary filmmaker Erik (Thure Lindhardt) and closeted lawyer Paul (Zachary Booth) meet through a casual encounter, but find a deeper connection and become a couple.

Lindhardt has a theory: “Watching characters that are awkward, overcoming their own obstacles and finding some of the hardest criminals in the world, is interesting,” he tells me.

Played by Swedish actor Sofia Helin since 2011, the character’s forthright manner has seen Norén wedge her way into the hearts of viewers across the globe — it’s still shown in more than 170 countries making it one of the most successful Scandinavian exports of all time.I wanted the opportunity to say the words that were on the page.The character on paper seems like he’s the antagonist, as if he’s the core problem, so the challenge was to find something sympathetic about a person who’s like that. I was interested in figuring out how to play a drug addict who’s pulling apart his relationship, but still lovable at the same time. When I did, I got this email from him saying, ‘I really wish I didn’t ask you to make me a tape.’ [ takes place in New York, but Ira doesn’t spoon-feed viewers the kinds of backdrops we consider quintessentially New York. ZB: I’d say between 25-40 people on set at any given time, including the office.It was always a street of how to investigation everything register as unfamiliar as possible. We’re packing our bags and getting ready to descend upon the picturesque mountain getaway that is Park City, Utah for what is without a doubt one of the essential landmark celebrations of independent cinema.

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