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Tatting is an ancient needlecraft dating back for centuries. It is made with one or more shuttles or a shuttle and a ball.The shuttle with a sharp blade-like "pick" at one end is the most practical type.Do not fill it so full that the thread projects beyond the blades of the shuttle.For practice work, any coarse mercerized crochet cotton, number 20 or 30, may be used.Again straighten the left middle finger and you’re your right index finger and thumb to slide the second half of the ds down the thread an under the pinched fingers.r- ring: once you have completed as many ds as desired, you pull on the shuttle string to close the ring.As its name indicates it has two parts, the first half and the second half.To do the first half of the ds, pinch the end of the tread coming off the shuttle, between the index finger and thumb of the left hand.

If bobbin is not removable tie thread into the bobbin hole and fill the bobbin by wrapping smoothly and evenly with thread until bobbin is filled.I have taught many people how to tat and I have several others who want to learn, but getting together has been the challenge.Tatting has been around for a little over 200 years.“-“ or p = Picot: A picot is created when you leave a length of thread between two ds.So to make a picot, you create on ds, then made another ds with about ¼ inch of thread between the double stitches.

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