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Radiocarbon dates from charcoal place the earliest human occupation at nearly 15,000 years ago.That’s made some researchers say Huaca Prieta should join the small but growing list of pre-14,000-year-old sites that have revolutionized scientists’ vision of the earliest Americans.Some observers had questioned whether the 2018 version of the military exercises would be the same length and scale as previous iterations given the recent diplomatic engagement with North Korea, but Pentagon spokesman Lt. The Hamburg Süd Group stands for strong brands in the international logistics service sector.The deepest pit, which took 5 years to excavate, reached down 31 meters.

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The "Foal Eagle and Key Resolve" drills would begin on April 1 for four weeks, both countries said in a statement.The cargo transported consists of dry and liquid bulk goods – for example grain, coal, diesel, or plant-based oils.The Hamburg Süd Group also includes the Hamburg Süd Travel Agency with its various business activities.Since the end of 2017, Hamburg Süd has been part of Maersk – the world’s market leader in international container liner shipping.The Hamburg Süd liner shipping company has lent its name to the entire group, with operations around the world.

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