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While they were on their way in his car, she also picked up her friend Saloni (name changed)," DCP Vijay Singh, north west district said.

EXTORTIONLater, the victim told the police that when he went inside her residence, Siya left the premise, leaving her friend with the victim.

On the insistence of the said girl in October, he went to M2K Cinema complex, Rohini, to meet her.

From there, girl claiming to be 'Siya' took him to her residence.

In the wake of similar tragic incidents, men and women think twice before stepping out of their homes.

So, where can Delhiites meet, say for a date, if not for the public places?

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National Zoological Park is just a stone’s throw away, if you’re looking for more outdoor activities to do with your date.

Meandering pathways, beautiful flower beds, and mighty canopies to shade you from the sun make Buddha Jayanti Park a sought-out date place for couples.

But remember to head back before nightfall because the area can get a little unsafe after sunset.

Finally, they agreed to close the matter if he paid them Rs 10 lakh," Singh added.

Cops claimed that after remaining silent for few months, in March 2016, the duo, who introduced themselves as Jitender Tyagi and Rajesh, again started calling him and demanded Rs 2 lakh on the pretext that the matter was still pending as the girl had changed her statement in the court.

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