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Occasionally, mules will deliver cash in person to representatives of the crime group.

Likewise, recruitment is performed in a similar fashion using spam email and employment-site advertisements.They realize that they may be part of an illicit scheme but will continue to try to make money because of personal circumstances.Read the white paper: Prevent phishing success with cognitive fraud detection Work-from-home (WFH) schemes are fake job offers that are used by fraudsters and mule herders to entice witting or unwitting individuals into providing bank account details for the purpose of receiving an Automated Clearing House deposit or counterfeit check.The secret-shopper mule usually falls prey to a secret-shopper scam, which is similar to the WFH scheme.This employment-based scheme is designed to lure victims with offers to earn extra money for shopping at certain stores or having the opportunity to keep the goods that are purchased in exchange for “evaluating” the customer service, among other things, while visiting the store.

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