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(SGA: "Rising", "Phantoms", "Travelers", "Outcast") On one of his operations, he initiated a black mark by going on an unsanctioned rescue mission to save the lives of three servicemen.Another unsanctioned op was to save the life of his friend, Captain Lyle Holland, whose Apache helicopter had crashed in Afghanistan.Visual guides are also included to help you locate information needed for citations. Our comprehensive guide will teach you how to format your paper and create accurate citations.There are also numerous citation examples to help you learn to cite nearly anything!Citing is easier with Easy and a little bit of knowledge!Read our guide to learn what MLA is and how to make properly formatted citations.This heavily strained his relationship with his father and never spoke to him since, leaving his brother, Dave Sheppard, to take his place.

He is also the current leader of the Expedition's main flagship team, the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team or AR-1 for short.She loves rock & roll and may be found at concerts.I have conflicting reports that she's either a blonde or a brunette.The mission, however, was unsuccessful and Holland died of his injuries while Sheppard was sleeping, something that always haunted him.He was later forced to relive this memory when his team went to find out what happened to Major Leonard's team on M1B-129. According to Major Tyrone Franklin, the court-martial didn't go as far as dishonorably discharging him as it wasn't a direct order he disobeyed.

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