Dating december may

But now you’re dating a guy much older than you — as in a dozen years or more.

Discrepancies in maturity, energy levels, health statuses, power struggles over control and waning sexual attraction when both men age can be additional vulnerabilities for these relationships if present.

Larry, a 52-year-old creative director in Los Angeles, recently went out with a 29-year-old.

“As soon as we sat down for dinner, he checked me out and said, ‘You look like you work out a lot,’” he remembers.

Constant reminders of the age difference can be entertaining, but they can pass easily into the realm of creepy. With the younger boyfriend, I had to contend with his buddies who yammered on about college and getting waaasted on frat-boy beverages like Jagermeister. While there are plenty of happy couples with decades between them (like Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and their sweet, young second spouses), there are plenty more who never bridge that gap (Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, to name but one).

“But he acted more adolescent than I did much of the time. “I have ten years more cooking experience, and the youngster need to get out of my way when I’m making dinner,” she snaps, annoyed by the previous night’s gnocchi disaster. “I grew tired of being with a 24-year-old self-described artist who was really just avoiding work,” he says.

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