Dating dancing dreams and dilemmas

For example, one person’s dream advised them to let go of caring about others’ opinions, while another’s dream advised them to take the opinions of others deadly seriously; one person’s dream encouraged them to muster the ambition to climb a mountain, while another person’s dream encouraged them to jump off (allowing them to “fly” or celebrate their climb); one person’s dream urged them to open their eyes and see more clearly, while another urged the dreamer to close their eyes and stay inside of themselves, less open to “outer” things; and there was the dream that brought inspiration to one woman with a vision of a body more healthy and youthful than her own, while another woman’s dream inspired her with a vision of herself with one foot in the grave (bringing her closer to her spiritual nature); and then there was the dream that told one person to act immediately while another dream suggested that the dreamer go in circles until she found her center.

When this happens, walking straight ahead in linear fashion is not so much the point, but turning, maybe even spinning, gets us in touch with something else—the cycles of life, or aspects of our value, beauty, and power that are less on the surface. Consider using your altered states, your shamanic capacities, and your non-linear understanding of people in your practice (and with yourself for that matter).

Whatever it is, it may be time to bring it out into the open.

If this feels too risky, enlist the help of others.” –David: “There is a very old woman, small and frail. She lies on her bed in a funny way with her legs up against the wall.

” –Dreamer 1: The symbol of “shit” arises regularly in dreams, often accompanied by an effort to flush it, wipe it away, or hide it.

These dreams invariably offer a perspective on the habit or compulsion to keep things clean, harmonious, or free from conflict.

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