Dating and physical chemistry Nakedwomenoncamfree

but you have a much better shot of meeting/creating the girl you are looking for in the physical world.

Personally, I think what you're describing are physical chemistry and compatibility.

After a few weeks of online dating with a serious relationship as my end goal, I have come up with a few observations and questions.

1) I feel that there is a distinction between physical and mental/emotional chemistry between two people.

To me emotional chemistry is that inexplicable feeling of butterflies you get every now and then about someone.

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However, I seem to have great physical chemistry with a girl I met randomly downtown last week, but I'm unsure of how mentally compatible we really are...

This is often dificult to translate over the Internet.

I find that THE SKY IS THE LIMIT IN THE REAL WORLD... In my MIND I like to pretend that I CREATE WOMEN...

The "emotional chemistry" I have only ever felt with 2 people, and it was present immediately.

IMO compatibility and physical chemistry are essential for a healthy relationship.

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