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I am the owner of such a royal name Alexandra, but for you, I will be simply Sasha, your loving Sasha, you also can call me Sandra, if you want) In spite of my royal name, I have ...

more about Aleksandra from Zaporozhye Good legs will sooner or later stumble, proud back bends, black beard will turn gray, curly head will grow bald, a beautiful face will be covered with wrinkles, a deep gaze will fa...

Online dating, dating apps, to be more precise is one such service that has seen benefited from this trend. The world of online dating apps has grown tremendously into a USD 3 billion industry by 2017.

This is further substantiated by the fact that the usage of online dating services among young adults has tripled in the past 4 years. There are, however, two sides to every tale, as of 2017, 21% men and 9% women, showed reluctance in using dating apps, primarily due to bad feedback from their peer’s about dating apps.

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After the Hurricane Matthew in September 2016, KORAL distributed the family plastic sheets and water filter.

Topics will include, but are not limited to: how/when to disclose your disability to a new partner, supporting a partner with a disability, consent, explaining your needs to your partner, embracing your sexuality, and how to define a relationship in the new hookup culture.

This group is open to people of all genders, sexualities, and disability types.

I invite you to browse this website for insightful and valuable information.

My goal is to help you understand how therapy might benefit you or someone you care about.

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