Chronic fatigue syndrome dating

As long as you have a nice picture or two of yourself to put in your profile, you're good to go. That situation can be harder when you meet someone face-to-face.

For example, say you meet someone at a friend's barbecue.

You may also wonder if anyone would want to date you.

It's a natural concern to have when you're stuck on the roller coaster of life with FMS or ME/CFS.

You also run the risk of having to cancel plans because your illness before the other person even knows about it. A lot of people with chronic illnesses put their conditions front and center, making sure anyone who's interested in them knows from the beginning.No matter how you've met someone, the first date can pose some problems for people with these conditions.Most of us know how much of a strain it can be to get ready to go out, especially when you want to look your best.You talk, you hit it off, you exchange phone numbers. Except that you probably didn't mention your illness, right?I mean, who talks about their health problems with strangers at a barbecue?

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