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But returning to Renton’s Poisoned-Gothic style in the second half of his work.

He brings on the big guns (sigh) of ‘attack’, ‘assault’, ‘abuse’, ‘molest’ and ‘victim’ as the standard terms, whether or not violence was present.

With his permission it is now turned into a book review and a memoir of Mike’s own experience of school life in the not-so-distant, but very different, era of the British .

On a personal note, I might add that the author of the book under review emailed me about 18 months ago as part of his research. He made some reference to wanting “another voice on the culture” of boarding schools, even though he knew I had not attended one as a boy.

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Of course, my love-life wasn’t over, but the opportunities for adventure were very few and very far between as I scrabbled my way up through the service to become a pilot. They would say because it was a cultural imperative and ‘everyone else was doing it’. He simply dotted my nose bloody and then easily knocked me down with a second blow.

Kids desperate because there simply was no-one to go to for help or warmth.

Except other kids — who also blubbed themselves to sleep…

It’s very sad, but it’s very satisfying for all of his kids and the family and family of fans all over the world to know that if he would have survived, he would be such an advocate for awareness.

He was the Los Angeles frontman for United Cerebral Palsy because his brother Tom has cerebral palsy.

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