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That makes asian women seem ultrafeminine, and asian men seem emasculated.

Black people, both men and women, to white peple, seem subconsciously somehow to be more masculine than white peole.

From what I've been told it's fairly common for Asians to live with there parents until they get married.

So maybe part of the problem is a "cultural hurdle" so to speak.

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A quick look at the US census shows that both groups, when compared to their opposite sex counterparts, are not seeing nearly as much success in terms of interracial marriages.

This I hear more from white female friends with curvaceous figures even if they don't up dating them, they definitely get hit on by black guys more. I'm approaching 50, so I can't speak to how things are now, but I can speak to the 80s and early 90s, which would influence the marriage statistics.The consensus is that White men make better fathers and are more likely to stick around when the baby is born.I personally know of two BW who date White men only. I heard it being talked about on a Black radio station.Also conflicts with what Asian perceptions might be of an ideal wife and Black perceptions of an ideal husband. Sure, there are some BF/WM couples out there, but not to the extent of BM/WF couples. Black women as a whole are generally larger than white women.And don't forget that the Asian community is just a heck of a lot smaller--what, 2% of the population significantly concentrated in only a handful of communities, vs. (Maybe in large, cosmopolitan areas the ratio will be more even, but not here and other places I've lived.) I've heard several reasons for it: 1) "The Sally Hemmings Factor"; a BF/WM relationship would resemble a master-slave relationship, something seen as undesirable by black women. Dating a white man would be "dating down" in that sense. FWIW, Ive hear it as a reason for the relative lack of AM/WF couples compared to WM/AF couples. Culturally, it's been said here that black men have a greater tolerance, and even greater attraction to, larger women. The idea of desire for a "strong black man" amplifies as it's repeated many times throughout the weeks, to the exclusion of others. There is certainly a new trend going on where Black women are seeking White men exclusively.

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