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The business is finally catching up where we thought it would be."The first step was building an audience.

Donovan -- with impersonations of Lindsay Lohan and Sarah Palin -- already had a You Tube following in the millions, which helped her earn a brief stint on "MADtv.""I was the first person to benefit from his understanding and strategy," Donovan told The Wrap.

To be successful, you must be fully integrated and partner with random people to get the most value out of partnerships."And already, they've brought on a new partner in their music channel: Snoop Dogg, er Snoop Lion.

Also Read:  You Tube Stars Align With Their CAA for the Digital Set " data-reactid="40"Also Read: You Tube Stars Align With Their CAA for the Digital Set While Machinima earns deserved praise for the quality of its work and the strength of its business, Maker hews closest to You Tube's roots as a repository for user-generated content." data-reactid="42"The Culver City, Calif.-based company was founded in 2009 by Zappin along with early You Tube stars Lisa Donovan (Lisa Nova), Kassem Gharaibeh (Kassem G) and Shay Carl Butler (Shay Carl), who had amassed large followings on You Tube through comedy: Gharaibeh ( by interviewing random people and porn stars, Donovan by impersonating celebrities and Butler by filming absurd video blogs."The differentiator to start with is that the founders of Maker are You Tubers," Zappin said.

"We understand the world, and so we're different at the core."Also Read:  HBO Producer Dana Brunetti to HBO Digital Exec: The Web Will Destroy You" data-reactid="45"Also Read: HBO Producer Dana Brunetti to HBO Digital Exec: The Web Will Destroy You Zappin found Hollywood impenetrable to an aspiring filmmaker and was keen to break into the creative world without going through established routes.

He discovered You Tube in 2005 and soon got Donovan -- then his girlfriend and now his fiancee -- similarly entranced.n combining prominent founders with a distaste for Hollywood executives, Maker Studios is to You Tube what United Artists was to early Hollywood.

"Now it's a studio: There's a music component, animation, merchandise, talent management and the network."'We'll give you studio time and space.' It's a world where Snoop Dogg can come in and goof around the same way Kassem G can."Still committed to cross-promotion, Maker believed each of those stars could be used to direct fans to new artists, which inspired the company to build a network of affiliated channels.Johnson has established an extensive relationship with the company, making videos for his channels in Maker's studio.The original United Artists, however, was undone by the rising costs of production and distribution, as well as the onset of sound in cinema.Thanks to You Tube and digital cameras, Maker is largely unencumbered by distribution and production costs.

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