Arashi dating

He had admitted to fooling around with the girls but denied the marijuana thing. Johnny's took the matter in their own hands, so allegations of photoshop came out.JE then went to calm down the major tv stations and newpapers instantly and canceled the yearly JE calendar publishing rights with Kodansha (Shuukan Gendai's publisher) According to Friday magazine, the pics were taken during the later part of 2007.This became a dating 'scandal' for Ohno, since it sure doesnt look like edited and our Riidaa is obviously holding the camera.Ohno and Kimika first met in stage play "Sengokupuu" in 2003.Gyaaa I envy that girl, wherever she is now, at least Ohno loved her.s Ohno's girlfriend over the years.

One of her blog entries contained a photo of a Mentai Doll (some tourist souvenir thing from Fukuoka area) - which she supposedly got from Ohno who was in Fukuoka doing a concert around the same time as the blog post.) One time, he also mentioned how heartbroken he was of one relationship it took him almost two years to get over with.It was also common knowledge how Ohno has said that he likes and/or that he has had a period in his life where he was attracted to older women.Some say that she is just a deranged Ohno fan and started the rumor herself. This rumor has been one of the most persistent an recurring one online and it is said that it was presumably Mika herself who posted things which contained private and detailed work-related information such as Ohno's work location, work schedule etc.Obviously it had been a noisy month of July for Ohno.

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