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Hibiki Works has made it clear that this will not be just a mass wedding, but that every groom will experience getting married in a private event, surrounded by family and friends, or just other fellow “otaku” who share their passion for dating simulation video games.

And in just in case you’re asking yourself “who on Earth would want to do something like this?

To make its newest romance video game stand out from the competition, a Japanese company is giving users the chance to marry their virtual girlfriends in a real life wedding ceremony, with the help of VR a romance and dating simulator like many others in Japan.

It lets players court one of three anime protagonists – Yuki Isurugi (long black hair), Aiko Kurihara (short brown hair), or Nono Naruse (blond hair) – and eventually get married to them, but in order to make the illusion of a virtual marriage more believable, it plans to organize a real-life wedding for the “grooms” in an actual chapel, where they can exchange vows with their cartoony betrothed.

By choosing a character that you would choose to romance gives you a sort of drive and purpose to finish the game in order to reach a “happy ending”.

Perhaps that sort of allure was what made dating sims so attractive to schooling pre-teens who are craving for that kind of human companionship.

There, they will be able to exchange vows, declare their love for each other and say the phrase “I do”.Create your “dadsona” and play as a single dad who is moving to a cul-de-sac in the city of Maple Bay along with his daughter Amanda.With the whole neighbourhood full of eligible single-ish dads in a variety of archetypes, you’ll be sure to find one that hits the spot for you.Also, there’s nothing else a like me loves more than two dudes in a stable loving relationship, amirite. The following games aren’t particularly big in terms of story or development but are mentioned because of their quirkiness and unique aspects. A simple flash game about romancing a dinosaur, has you meeting your classmate Taira-kun (who is a Tyrannosaurs Rex) to buy a new ukulele after he dropped and broke his own at a performance you encouraged him to give.Just remember to choose your options wisely if you don’t wish to get a bad ending!

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