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But I do know that we miss the panoramic, expansive view of grace if we are focused on everyone else’s story.

An amazing scientific breakthrough uses a handheld printing device to deposit skin directly onto burns and other wounds.

The American Payroll Association reports about 10 minutes per day/per employee, is lost as a result of people leaving early, being late and taking long lunches.

For a company with 100 people, given 240 working days per year, that adds up to about 4,000 hours per year that disappears due to inefficient time usage.

How could I do all the right things and him bless her instead of me?

You chose a career in full-time ministry and it feels like God blesses everyone else except you. It’s hard when we are doing the right things, and we see people doing the wrong things receiving the blessings that we desire. After hearing about God’s grace and mercy, she ran outside crying and sat underneath draping trees on her college campus because she just didn’t believe that mercy was for someone like her.

By age group, those who say they use social media are as follows: age 18 to 29Ys (88%), 30 to 49Ys (78%), 50 to 64Ys (64%) and 65Ys or older (37%). Speaking of social activities, as we saw in our weekly coverage of community banks for Community Banking Month in April, many community institutions pride themselves on having a strong relationship with their communities. Hub Spot research finds 96% of companies that have 101 or more new opportunities in their sales pipeline each month achieve their quota vs.

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When they poured it on ice cream, however, they saw it solidified instantly and could be used as a binding agent. Community banks operating in the US under our regulatory agencies cannot be blamed for finding it difficult to keep up with...She’s cleaned up her act recently but she’s only spent 6 months dating the “right way” and she gets the amazing Christian man?! You followed all the rules during your pregnancy, she didn’t, and your baby has something wrong. She was convinced she was dirty and could never be redeemed because of her relationship decisions. It’s like it doesn’t even matter what I do or who I date. .” Her sentiment is something we’ve all experienced.Whatever the circumstance, it’s common to compare and wonder what God is doing for others and not doing for us. For me, I moved to China to be a missionary and expected God to protect me from what I considered worst-case-scenario. He spared my friends, but allowed me to go through something extraordinarily difficult. Take a minute to let that soak in–Dad says we are his delight, his beloved.It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that following Christ or doing the right thing or dating the right way didn’t guarantee blessings. I love to remind women that God is a good Dad because that truth took me more than a decade to realize. Why would God reward a ‘prodigal’ sister with a husband and allow you to stay single? When we measure our circumstances or compare our blessings to that of another, it’s easy to feel slighted, overlooked, and even abandoned. He is a good Dad loves you and blesses you no matter what you did or didn’t do.

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