Alberta dating laws

The age of majority is the age when a person is legally considered an adult.In Canada, the age of majority is 18 or 19 years old depending on the province or territory in which you live.You cannot come to Canada with more than one spouse even if you were married to more than one person in the past.It is also against the law to marry someone in Canada if one of you is already married (it does not matter where or when that marriage took place).

The study compared families with a history of schizophrenia to those without.Doctors, teachers, social workers and police will take action if they think children are being harmed.All adults in Canada have a legal duty to report situations where they suspect child abuse.He notes that there's been a dramatic increase in cannabis use in recent years, especially in Canada, but schizophrenia levels have stayed stagnant. Published February 9, 2018, "" Calgary professor debunks marijuana myths" Dave Dormer - CBC News U of C associate professor Matthew Hill says some common beliefs around the drug aren't rooted in fact Myth: Cannabis alters brain structure.

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