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The Wizarding World and the muggle world lost a great man today.

JK Rowling posted a moving tweet earlier today, and other "Harry Potter" costars are also sharing their grief over the loss of Alan Rickman, the man who brought endless magic to Professor Severus Snape.

Before Dumbledore's death, Snape promised to protect the students of Hogwarts from the Death Eaters, who would inevitably take control of the Ministry of Magic as well as the school.

Snape later participated in the Battle of Hogwarts but was murdered by Lord Voldemort who mistakenly believed that Snape was the master of the Elder Wand (an immensely strong and powerful wand that Voldemort deeply desired, one of the Deathly Hallows) when in reality, Harry Potter was the master of the Elder Wand, because Draco Malfoy had disarmed Dumbledore, on the night of Dumbledore's death on top of the Astronomy Tower and Harry had disarmed Draco at Malfoy Manor.

In an attempt to win back Lily's affections, Snape joined the Death Eaters along with a group of his fellow Slytherins.Snape, when young, developed a passion for the Dark Arts, which increased as his desire for revenge grew stronger.Snape became involved with the bullies in Slytherin House, many of whom were pure-blood supremacists."I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you.Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter’s son safe.

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