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They intended to conduct trade into the interior of America, and they required a trading center near the head of navigation on the Potomac.

The best location was Hunting Creek tobacco warehouse, since the deep water could easily accommodate sailing ships.

Alexandria was home to the Franklin & Armfield Slave Market, one of the largest slave trading companies in the country.

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The town of Alexandria did not become incorporated until 1779.

The Maryland legislature, in ratifying this agreement on November 22, proposed a conference among representatives from all the states to consider the adoption of definite commercial regulations.

This led to the calling of the Annapolis Convention of 1786, which in turn led to the calling of the Federal Convention of 1787.

A portion of the City of Alexandria—most of the area now known as "Old Town" as well as the areas of the city northeast of what is now King Street—and all of today's Arlington County share the distinction of having been originally in Virginia, ceded to the U. Government to form the District of Columbia, and later retroceded to Virginia by the federal government in 1846, when the District was reduced in size to exclude the portion south of the Potomac River.

Over time, a movement grew to separate Alexandria from the District of Columbia (the District of Columbia retrocession).

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