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Obviously, you don’t want Blink 182 against your clitoris. Externally this matters because rumbly toys are capable of sending their vibrations further, stimulating the internal clitoris and even, with the right thrumming intensity, the whole G-spot/CUV.

Toys featured in this video (not including title sequence): Oh Mi Bod Lovelife Smile, L’Amourose Rosa, Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand, Silver Bullet, Vibratex Princessa, Eroscillator, Lovehoney Flash, Doxy Don, Fun Factory Big Boss, Fairy Mini Mini Wand, Wahl, i Gino, We-Vibe Tango. Internally this matters because buzzy can feel like a bug zapper against your G-spot while rumbly feels more like a massage chair.

“I knew you’d hate it.” A sex toy could do literally everything else right — ergonomic shape, body-safe materials, intuitive controls, make my coffee every morning with the proper amount of creamer — but these days, if it has an extremely buzzy motor, that vibrator is dead to me.

This does not refer to the intensity of vibrations, but rather the The majority of sex toys fall on the buzzy end of the spectrum, especially battery-operated ones.

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This is the feeling of a cheap, shoddy vibe at the buzzy end of the vibration spectrum.

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Most toys don’t fit neatly into one category of vibration quality, and not all reviewers will agree about it.

Buzzy doesn’t inherently equal terrible: my favorite vibrator, the LELO Mona 2, falls somewhere in the middle, and I endorse the fairly buzzy Pico Bong Ako and Turbo Glider.

It’s when a toy lands solely on the buzzy end of the spectrum that it becomes alarming.

Let me tell you a secret, though: it took me fucking forever before I myself understood the dichotomy.

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