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I nodded my approval but they did not want to have sex all together. None even wanted to have intercourse with her as they feared she may be diseased. That was bad enough but then I caught her having sex with one of those guys, the ugliest shortest of the bunch.Really treated women like sluts but that is what she liked.Caught her with another guy even though we had an open relationship.She just did not feel that it was a big deal anymore and not telling me was no big deal because she got tired of having me tell her who she could have sex with or not. My first and only time I was cuckolded ended when my cuckoldress asked my friends to gang bang her.Better to acknowledge that she will likely experience some degree of "puppy love", "crush", or "new love energy".Being prepared for it, it will not come as a shock or surprise when it happens, or to be confused by it and allow it to guide her actions.So we were discussing "rules" that husband's have for their wives before they go out as "hotwives" and we've never had any that we don't agree on but most have to do with safety and where I will be at a given time.As far as other things that I can do while I am out...

I am not a fan of rules in most things which is why I seldom join organizations and work on my own from home.My best friend had a fantasy about his wife and his boss. What his wife, the mother of his two kids and woman who never kept secrets from him, did was to keep having sex with her boss during the day.On a more personal level I had one girlfriend for 6 years and got engaged to her.We don't have any except that my hubby wants me to have fun We have a few rules. The rest are "soft" rules or are open for discussion.-must wear heels while fucking-must wear "hotwife" anklet while fucking-must get pictures and videos to share-must be home by predetermined time - no excuses-always more threesomes than singles, by a factor of two And I have broken every one of soft rules at least once, and hubby still loves me and let's me play I am the hot husband in our marriage. Then I would take my time with them and it always worked out well.My wife likes to watch but she has been with other men early in our marriage before discovering that she was bi and prefered women. She did not make love but merely allowed him to pump into her until he came. A few of the 30 wives I can remember, did just want sex but I never wanted to see them again after that. What I learned is that unlike a lot of questionable posts, most wives are not looking for whatever the current fantasy online is.

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